3 Strategies For Boosting Your Black Friday Sales In 2017

Black Friday Sales In 2017

Black Friday 2017 is several days away. This day is your time to maximize your sales as shoppers go crazy to usher in the holiday season.  As an entrepreneur, this is your day of boosting your sales and attracting new customers for the entire festive season and beyond.

However, without proper planning and strategies, Black Friday sales will be like any other deals you make in your business. Hence, black Friday can build or break your venture.

Like any other hustle, your winning lies in your ability to craft better strategies than those of your competitor. Hence, you need to develop ideas that will enable you to attract and retain customers during Black Friday sales and beyond.  Here are some of the strategies you can use to boost your Black Friday returns:

a)    Offers sweepstakes on online platforms and social media

In the current era, enhancing your customer base lies in your ability to capture their contact information. In case you have offers you can easily reach them with the information. This aspect boosts your customer relations and sales. In this regard, Black Friday Sales opens a door for you to get essential customer information.

To do this, you can develop a sweepstake offer and post it on the social media and other online platforms. As shoppers search for products on offer, you can ask them to join the sweepstake through filling a form with their details and stand a chance to win either cash or items. With this information, boosting sales during and after Black Friday will be more comfortable.

b)    Design customer only offers

Rather than targeting new customers, you can concentrate your energy on the already existing clients. During Black Friday sales, you can come up with packages targeting customers in your database. You can also use this strategy to attract more sign-ups.

In achieving this, you need to post an ad before the prime day. In this post, you can state that only customers in the database will enjoy the offers. As such, you will encourage more sign-ups as well as boost your sales.

c)    Put footprint ads directing shoppers to stores

During Black Friday sales, customers come seeking for offers from one store to the other. If they cannot easily identify the shelf with products on offer, they will walk out to the next shop. Such an event means a lost sale. To avoid such occurrences, you can put footprints ads directing shoppers to products on offer making it easier for them to find their preferred product.

 With these strategies, customers will buy more as none of them will walk out unless their preferred item is not available in your store.


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